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Online Services

At Lotus Therapeutics we recognise that people have busy lives and pressure from their employers or fear that time off might lead to redundancy/loss of earnings. We also understand how difficult it can be to talk about personal information to strangers and that sometimes people just need advice or direction rather than therapy.


On line services means that people can access the service:


  •  Who may find travelling difficult

  •  Wish to remain anonymous

  •  Eliminates the need for child care

  •  Is a potentially effective way to gain help and support


We are therefore able to offer an online service where you can receive help either through email or arrangements made to talk at a time to suit yourself. Charges for this will be paid through pay-pal at a cost of £20 for each 20 minutes or a detailed response to one email.


There may be some difficulties which we feel are unsuitable for online services and we will therefore advise you of this and suggest alternatives of helping you get the help you need.



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20 minutes consultation or

one detailed email response

60 minutes consultation or

three detailed email responses